Xtra Hot Online

The Xtra Hot online slot game is classed as a simple and traditional title that is without an elaborate or complex theme that certain players will love. The different types of players enjoy playing various slot games because of their differing interests. This Xtra Hot online game presents to players a chance to play a slot which does not have an elaborate action and adventure, fantasy or history theme attached to it. The Xtra Hot online game instead offers a simpler theme of electric and turbo charged action focusing on the games traditional fruity symbols. The Xtra Hot online game presents this simple theme to players through superb visual and sound effects that create an electric playing atmosphere for players. The visual effects of the slot consist of the background, symbols and the title text that are created by the design team. The design team of the slot worked incredibly hard to create a high octane playing environment that would place players on the edge of their seats. The background of the game is a fusion of purple and blue colours that look intensely powerful on the screen. The background of the slot has electric bolts bursting through it which create a very powerful hot and intense feel to the game.

The background of the Xtra Hot online game works brilliantly at creating intensity to the slot game that players will love. The symbols used in the game are a variety of fruits including oranges, plums and lemons and the other very traditional casino slot game symbols are the X, Star and 7. The different symbols are all presented in very crisp and clear imagery which look fantastic on the screen. The images are also very large and detailed in bold visual effects that look fantastic on the screen. The Xtra Hot online slot has an additional fantastic visual effect that occurs when a winning line combination is formed across the reels. The effect is that the symbols that are used to create the winning line combination all display a bolt of electricity flowing through them which looks brilliant. The effect also enhances the Xtra Hot online games electric hot theme which is excellent for the user’s enjoyment. The last visual effect of the Xtra Hot online game is the title text that is used which is displayed at the top and centre of the main screen. The text is a fiery red coloured italic font which delivers the games hot theme to players.

The three different visual elements combine fantastically well the Xtra Hot online slot to create the games desired electric theme brilliantly. The next important factor of the presentation of the Xtra Hot online slot to players is the sound effects that are played to create the games atmosphere. These sounds are very short and sharp electronic tones that manage to create a very high tempo playing environment. The high tempo playing environment is something a player will really enjoy as it is in keeping with the slots fast paced and action packed theme. The different winning line combinations in the Xtra Hot online slot all play a different sound effect which adds a lot of value to the slot for players. The slots various bonus rounds all have their own sound effects which add lots of excitement to the bonus features for players. The combination of the different sound effects in the Xtra Hot online game create a lot of excitement as the electric theme of the game is enhanced for players. The game play of the slot is ultimately the most important factor for players as this controls how easily and how much money can be won.

The format of the Xtra Hot online slot is a five reel and five win line set up giving players very limited choice over their win line selection. The low amount of win lines available results in the slot being faster flowing and much simpler. The player will need to select between playing with between one and five win lines active in the Xtra Hot online game and this selection can be done at the bottom of the main screen. The more win lines a player has active in the Xtra Hot online game means the more chance a player has of creating a winning line combination. The more win lines active also costs the player more money on each spin of the reels so this is a decision they need to take carefully. The overall aim of the Xtra Hot online slot is to line up a minimum of three of the same symbols adjacently from the left to the right. If the player manages to line up four or five symbols then the winning amount paid to the player for that line increases. The different symbols in the game all pay a different winning amount to the player and these can be seen in the games pay table.

The Xtra Hot online game has several bonus features available to players including a substitute, scatter and a gambling function. The substitute and the scatter bonus are both represented by the same symbol, the star. The star has the ability to swap with any other symbol on the board to create a winning line and therefore really helps players. The scatter feature in the Xtra Hot online game works if three, four or five stars appear on the screen at any one time. This then activates the bonus feature which results in the player being awarded a bonus payment which increases the more stars are found. These two bonuses that the star symbol can unlock are designed as very quick and easy to activate features which are in keeping with the slot fast theme. The final bonus feature in the Xtra Hot online game is the gamble feature where players are presented with a chance fifty / fifty bet. This chance bet has the potential to double or lose their prize fund making it a very risky option for players. The overall game play of the Xtra Hot online slot is very fast paced and action packed which players will love.