Download Xtra Hot

Players once they have made the decision that they want to play this exciting title have to decide which format they want to enjoy the game on. There are several different options and the main two are downloading the game or playing it via flash. The download Xtra Hot version is available to install on many different types of computers and has many various file types available for players to choose from. The advantages of the download Xtra Hot game are numerous and varied the main advantage is that players can enjoy the slot game without having to log onto the internet. This huge advantage of not having to be online to enjoy the download Xtra Hot game means that players do not suffer from graphical glitches or interruptions. The sounds of this action packed game play loudly and uninterrupted and create a very smooth playing environment. The files that the download Xtra Hot game is available on are designed to be downloaded very quickly and easily onto the user’s computer. The overall quality of the sound and the visual effects once the game is installed onto the individual player’s computers is of the highest possible standard.

The download Xtra Hot slot has numerous different important elements that crucially influence a player’s enjoyment. These important elements include the game play, theme, visual and the sound effects that are on offer. The different elements are all crucially important but perhaps the most vital to a player is the game play that is offered. The game play of the download Xtra Hot slot is designed to be very fast flowing and doesn’t contain any complex bonus rounds that slow the game down. The format of the download Xtra Hot game is a five reel and five win line set up where players have the chance to choose between only five win line options. This is a lower amount of win lines offered than in some of the other Novoline titles and this is done to increase the speed of the slot game. The player as well as having control of the win line selection also has control of the stake both these options can be altered at the bottom of the games screen. The overall aim of the download Xtra Hot game is to make use of these win lines by rolling a winning combination of symbols across them.

The winning line combinations in the download Xtra Hot game work by the player rolling in a minimum of three symbols across the win line. If the player manages four and five symbols adjacently lined up it equals more money to the player. The different symbols in the download Xtra Hot game all amount to different winning payments for the player and these can be seen in the games pay table. The slot does feature three fast paced bonuses that are guaranteed to raise player’s pulses. The first of the bonuses in the download Xtra Hot title is the substitute bonus which greatly improves the player’s chance of lining up a winning line. The substitute bonus in the game is represented by the star symbol and it has the power to swap with any other symbol on the board to create a winning line. The other bonus in the download Xtra Hot game is also represented by the star symbol and is called the scatter bonus. The scatter bonus works by the player managing to spin in three, four or five star symbols to the screen at any one time. The more stars a player manages to spin onto the screen means the higher the bonus payment to the player will be.

The third and final bonus up for grabs for the player is the gamble feature where the player is given a fifty/fifty chance bet where they can double or lose their prize fund. The gamble bonus in the download Xtra Hot game is available to players at the end of every successful spin of the reels. The player has the option to accept or decline the bonus which is a big decision for players as the bonus comes at a high risk. If the player successfully answers the bonus feature in the download Xtra Hot game they have the option to repeat the feature and reach some really high winnings. The three bonus features are all very traditional and straight forward and players will be able to quickly learn and understand them. The bonuses in the download Xtra Hot game all have the potential to be very lucrative and earn a player a high amount of winnings. The next important element of the casino slot games performance is the theme that the game presents. The theme of the download Xtra Hot game is one of electric and fiery hot fun where players will feel like they are smoldering from the frenetic action.

The fun theme can only be presented to players if the visual and sound effects are excellent. The visual effects of the download Xtra Hot game are wonderful as the background of the slot is a mixture of blue and purple. This colour combination manages to achieve an electric look and the slot also features bolts of electricity coming onto the screen. The symbols used in the game are various fruits and traditional slot game symbols which are detailed in strong colours and look excellent in the game. The download Xtra Hot game has a special visual effect when a winning line combination is achieved, this effect is that all the symbols light up with electricity flowing through them. The sounds in the download Xtra Hot game are all short and sharp electronic tones which are designed to create a high tempo playing atmosphere for the player. The selection of electronics tones includes lots of electricity themed noises which sound fantastic in the game. The combination of the sound and the visual effects create a very authentic slot game that delivers a fast and frenetic feel to players. The theme combined with the game play in the download Xtra Hot slot creates an excellent playing experience that players will not forget.