Free Xtra Hot Online

The birth of the internet soon resulted in the creation of online slot games meaning players from the comfort of their own living rooms and kitchens could play exciting themed slot games. One large factor that stops many potential new players from trying the slot is that they do not want to run the risk of losing their hard earned cash. Human nature is to value money very highly so potential players do not want to risk losing any of their money. Losing money whilst trying to play a game for the first time and trying to learn the features is something that’s puts players off. The free Xtra Hot online game offers players the chance to play the slot without risking any capital and they can therefore learn the rules. This opportunity to play free Xtra Hot online gives players the ideal chance to develop and learn new playing strategies. The chance to learn and develop tactics that is on offer in the free Xtra Hot online game is a really good one. The player has the opportunity to enjoy a hugely entertaining playing experience for free with the great theme, visual and sound effects on offer in the free Xtra Hot online game.

The free Xtra Hot online game is a simpler themed slot than some of the others available on the internet that offers more complex storylines and ideas. One of the slots that offer a more complex theme is the Book of Ra title that places the player into the shoes of an explorer who is travelling to ancient Egypt. This explorer on their trip to ancient Egypt is looking for an ancient book that holds the secret to unlocking the pharaoh’s treasure. This is a very exciting storyline however some players prefer playing a game with a simpler and more humble theme like the free Xtra Hot online title. The free Xtra Hot online game has a simple but fun theme that focuses on electrically hot action that is super fast. This electric and frenetic theme is delivered to players through smashing visual and sound effects. The visual effects that are used to deliver the free Xtra Hot online games theme are super and include some very creative ideas. The psychical appearance of the slot includes the background, title text and the symbols that are presented to players. These three elements are equally important to each other and the finish of these controls the whole visual quality of the slot.

The first of the visual elements of the free Xtra Hot online game is the background that is presented to players. The background of the slot is a mixture of purple and blue colours that look fantastic on the screen and create an excellent image of electricity for players. The background also features another visual highlight where it shows bright blue and white lightning bolts coming onto the screen. The symbols of the free Xtra Hot online slot are also excellent and look fantastic when they roll into the screen. The variety of symbols in the free Xtra Hot online game includes several different fruits including the plums, oranges and lemons and the X, 7 and Star symbols. These symbols are presented on the screen in very vibrant colours with very clear and crisp effects that players will love. The symbols have one visual effect that’s a highlight this is where a winning line combination is created and a lightning bolt strikes through the symbols. The title text of the free Xtra Hot online game is in keeping with the games fiery theme as the text is in a bright red colour representing flames.

The next important element of a slot game in successfully delivering a games theme to players is the sound effects that are played. The sound effects of the free Xtra Hot online game are designed to greatly enhance the overall playing atmosphere for players. The sounds played are short and sharp electronic tones which are designed to raise player’s pulses and raise the tempo of the slot. The free Xtra Hot online game has many different winning combinations up for grabs and these all have their own unique sound effect. The three bonuses that players can activate in the free Xtra Hot online game all have their own sound effect that sounds fantastic. The combination of the sound and visual effects in the free Xtra Hot online game brilliantly deliver the games electric and hot theme to players. The next important element for a player of the slot games performance is the game play that’s presented to players. The game play of a casino slot game includes the format of the slot and the bonus features available to players. The format of the slot is a five reel and five win line game where players have a limited amount of options over the win line selection available to them.

The free Xtra Hot online game has three different bonuses that are available for players to activate and these include the scatter, substitute and the gamble bonus. The gamble bonus is a chance fifty / fifty bet that is available at the end of every successful spin of the reels. The gamble bonus is an optional one that players can either accept of decline and if accepted consists of a chance fifty/fifty bet. The chance fifty/fifty bet will result in the player either doubling or losing their whole prize fund. The scatter bonus in the free Xtra Hot online game is represented by the star symbol which can be activated by spinning in three stars to the screen at any one time. If the player manages to spin in four or five stars then the winning payment made to the player is increased. The substitute bonus in the free Xtra Hot online game is also represented by the star symbol as it has the power to swap with any other symbol on the board. This substituting feature is great as it increases player’s chances of creating a winning line combination in the free Xtra Hot online slot. The combination of these three bonuses makes for a very exciting and fun playing experience.