Games Xtra Hot

The range of games available from Novoline on the internet is vast with numerous different online titles representing lots of different themes for players. The variety in games also offers lots of different game play options to players including different slot formats and bonus features. The wide amount of choice is a very positive factor for players as they will be able to find a themed slot game with a game play style that suits them. The games Xtra Hot offers players a fantastic chance to play a simple themed game that does not centre on an elaborate storyline and concept. The simple theme of the games Xtra Hot is one of electric and fiery hot action which maybe simple but is a lot of fun for players. The simple and fun theme of the games Xtra Hot title has proved hugely successfully as the game is one of the highest played titles online. The fun and action packed slot is presented to players through superb visual and sound effects which create a very absorbing and fun atmosphere. The games Xtra Hot title has game play that is in keeping with the slots fiery and fast theme as the slot format and bonuses are very fast paced.

The format of the games Xtra Hot title is a five reel and five win line slot giving players the choice of spinning the reels with between one and five win lines active. The more win lines that a player selects means the more chance the spin of the reels has of being successful. The more win lines active also means that the spin costs more money so the player has to be careful in their win line selection. The stake of the games Xtra Hot can also be altered and the higher the stake means the higher the winnings paid out to the player. The most aggressive strategy in the games Xtra Hot title is to select a high stake and the maximum amount of win lines. This results in the largest chance of winning and winning the highest amount of money. The player can alter both the win line and the stake selection at the bottom of the games Xtra Hot main screen by pressing the win line and the stake + and – button. The player can then start the reels spinning by pressing either the start or auto spin button at the bottom right of the screen.

If the player presses the auto spin button the reels continue spinning until the player again presses this auto spin button. The overall aim of the slot game is to line up a winning line combination across the five reels. This can be done by lining up a minimum of three of the same symbols adjacently across the reels from the left to the right. If the player lines four or five symbols up then they win a higher amount in the games Xtra Hot slot. The different symbols in the games Xtra Hot title all pay completely individual amounts to players and these can be seen in the games pay table. The pay table can be opened by pressing the games pay table button which is found at the bottom right of the games main screen. The pay table clearly and concisely displays all of the relevant information to players in regards to the winning combinations that can be achieved. The games Xtra Hot slot have three bonus features that offer players other ways to win money and ways to make achieving this game objective easier. The bonuses available in the games Xtra Hot slot are the scatter, substitute and the gamble feature.

The first of these bonuses in the games Xtra Hot is the scatter feature that offers players an alternative way of winning prize money than creating a winning line. The scatter feature works by the player spinning in three, four or five of the star symbols on the screen at any one time. The player when they do this activate a bonus payment which is incrementally more the more stars are spun into the screen. The next bonus in the games Xtra Hot is also represented by the star symbol and this symbol can increase player’s chances of creating a winning line combination. The bonus is called the substitute bonus and works by the star symbol having the power to swap with any other on the board to create a winning line. The third and final bonus feature up for grabs in the games Xtra Hot is the gamble feature and this is offered to player after every winning spin of the reels. The feature in the games Xtra Hot is an optional one that players can either accept of decline. If accepted players are transported to a new screen featuring a deck of cards and are then asked to predict the colour of the next card drawn.

The player is given a slight helping hand for the gamble feature in the games Xtra Hot slot as they are shown the last six cards drawn from the deck. The player can from this display can work out which colour of card has the most left in the deck which slightly increases their chances of guessing successfully. If the player guesses the bonus feature correctly they can double their prize fund and if incorrectly they will lose everything. The fact that the player could lose everything makes the bonus bet a very risky one so the player needs to be careful when playing this feature. The combination of the three bonuses in the games Xtra Hot slot create a very fast paced playing environment that players will love. The format of the slot is also designed to create a very fast flowing game which is in keeping with the games Xtra Hot theme. The visual and the sound effects that present the electric theme to players are wonderful and very creative. The overall performance of the games Xtra Hot slot is of the highest possible standard which is the reason for its huge popularity with players from all over the world.