Stargames Xtra Hot

Casino slot games were first hugely successful in land based casinos and were responsible for over 70% of casinos revenue. The first casino slot game was invented over a hundred years ago in the USA and has lead to a huge amount of success with new games being invented over the years. The land based games had a large fan base of players who loved coming into the casinos to play the challenging games. The birth of the internet led to huge player demand for the games to be made available online so that they could be enjoyed from player’s homes. The demand was soon answered with lots of different casinos setting up all over the internet. One of these casinos is the Starsgames Xtra Hot that offers players a fun themed casino experience centered on stars. The star themed Stargames Xtra Hot casino offers a really fun playing environment as the casino is beautifully animated and has very cute characters on display. The Stargames Xtra Hot casino also offers players a very safe and friendly playing environment with great customer support. The Stargames Xtra Hot casino offers one of the most advantageous payout rates available on the internet which gives players a great winning chance.

The Stargames Xtra Hot title is has a simple and fun theme that players will quickly understand and enjoy. The other themes in the range of games from Novoline are more complex and have intricate storylines that certain players will enjoy. The themes of the games in the range include history, action and adventure, fantasy and animated slots which all offer players a unique playing experience. An example of one of these themes is the Columbus game which is a history themed slot that places players 500 years back in time. This slot is hugely exciting and certain players will love being absorbed in this adventure however other players will prefer a simpler game like the Stargames Xtra Hot slot. The Stargames Xtra Hot slot is themed on electric hot action and aims to create a fiery hot playing environment. The simple but very exciting theme is one some players will love as there is no complex storyline that players need to understand and grasp. The electric and fiery theme in the Stargames Xtra Hot slot is presented to players with superb visual and sound effects that really bring the game to live. The visual effects of the game include the slots background, the symbols and the title text presented to players.

The symbols used in the Stargames Xtra Hot game are a variety of fruits including plums, lemons and oranges. The game also includes the very traditional slot game symbols the Star, 7 and BAR. These symbols in the Stargames Xtra Hot slot are detailed in very bright and vibrant colours which look fantastic on the screen. A visual highlight of the slot game is when a winning line combination is created all of the symbols get electrocuted with an electric bolt flowing through them, this visual effect looks fantastic in the slot and is something players will really enjoy. The background of the Stargames Xtra Hot slot is a combination of blue and purple colours that create an image of electricity which is in keeping with the games theme. The background of the slot also includes electricity bolts coming in from either side which really enhances the game appearance. The title text of the Stargames Xtra Hot slot is a fiery red colour which looks fantastic on the screen as it again enhances the games image and theme. The combination of these different visual elements makes for an outstanding display on the screen that completely absorbs players.

The sound effects in the Stargames Xtra Hot game are excellent and manage to create a fantastic feel and vibe to the atmosphere. The sounds of the slot are all electronic tones that are short and sharp as this increases the tempo of the slot in keeping with the games fiery fast theme. The different tones are all centered on electricity and they sound very really impressive in the Stargames Xtra Hot game. The various winning line combinations in the Stargames Xtra Hot game have a unique sound effect that is played when they are rolled into the reels. This effect adds lots of value to the slots performance for players and contributes greatly to the quality of the playing experience for the player. The sound effects of the Stargames Xtra Hot game also include unique effects that are played when a bonus is activated. The overall sounds in the slot game are of the highest possible quality and players will really feel that these contribute greatly to how the theme of the slot is presented to players. The most important part of the slot above the theme, visual and sound effects is the game play that is offered to players.

The game play is vitally important to players as it is the deciding factor of how easy it is and how much money can potentially be won from the slot. The format of the Stargames Xtra Hot game is a five reel and five win line game meaning that the slot is fast flowing due to the low win line options. The Stargames Xtra Hot slot features three bonus rounds that are crucially important to player’s chances of winning money. The first two of the bonuses are both represented by the star symbol these are called the scatter and the substitute bonus. The star symbol is the most important symbol in the Stargames Xtra Hot slot as it has the power to swap with any other symbol on the board to create a winning line. If the symbol is spun into the screen three, four or five times at any one time then a bonus payment is made to the player. The final bonus up for grabs in the Stargames Xtra Hot slot is the gamble feature where players can double or lose their prize fund on a chance bet. The combination of these three bonuses makes for a potentially very lucrative slot game that players will really enjoy.