Xtra Hot Video Slot

The Xtra Hot video slot is a hugely popular casino slot game played online by people all over the world from the comfort of their own homes. The players of the Xtra Hot video slot were presented with a questionnaire so they could review and give their thoughts and comments on the slots performance. The players that gave their thoughts and opinions on the Xtra Hot video slot were from a variety of locations and backgrounds the findings of the questionnaires are very interesting. The players all commented that a casino slot game consists of four different important elements and these are the game play, theme, visual and sound effects. The general consensus from the players asked is that the most important part of a casino slot game is the game play that’s offered to players. The theme of the slot is also very important as it needs to grab player’s attention so that they enjoy playing the game. The theme of the Xtra Hot video slot is simpler than some of the others offered in the range but is still very appealing to players. The theme is one of electric and fiery action which is centered on the strength of the playing atmosphere created.

The various players that were asked about the theme of the Xtra Hot video slot all loved its simplicity as it does not focus on the more complex themes that are found in other slots. An example of one of these more complex slots is the Mermaids Pearl game that features an adventure deep under the sea. The player in the game must try to find the Mermaid who will lead them to the all important pearls that equal wealth and riches. The Xtra Hot video slot presents players with the chance to enjoy a slot with a simpler theme so that players can focus on the game play and winning money. The theme can only be successfully delivered to players if the visual and sound effects are of the highest quality. The visual effects according to the surveys completed showed that players loved the different graphics and how they presented the theme. The visual effects of the Xtra Hot video slot can be split into three different categories the background, title text and the symbols. The survey of the players of the Xtra Hot video slot shows that all of these categories have equal importance in creating the slots overall visual appearance.

The players asked in the survey said that the symbols of the Xtra Hot video slot are a visual highlight as they are displayed in bright colours with clear and crisp finishing. The symbols include the fruits, plums, oranges and lemons and the more traditional symbols the Star, 7 and the BAR. The symbols have a fantastic visual effect which involves lightening striking through them when a winning line is created. The comments from players in regards to this lightning bolt effect were that it is an outstanding effect that enhances the games appearance. The background of the Xtra Hot video slot is also of a very high standard as it consists of two different colours, a purple and a blue which create a very electric feel to the game. The comments from players in regards to these colours said that they create a real intensity to the game. A further effect of the background of the Xtra Hot video slot is that lightning bolts come through onto the games screen which adds value to the theme of the slot. The last visual effect of the Xtra Hot video slot is the title text that is used to display the name of the game.

The title text is a fiery red colour which looks smoldering hot on the screen adding to the games burning hot theme. The comments and thoughts of players asked all stated that the different visual elements combine in the Xtra Hot video slot for a fantastic end result. The sounds of the Xtra Hot video slot are also of a very high standard and designed to enhance the games theme and playing atmosphere. The sounds that are played in the game are all different electronic tones that play in very short and sharp bursts. The short and sharp bursts of sound are done to raise the games tempo that player’s comments showed was very effective. The different winning line combinations in the Xtra Hot video slot are all greeted with their own individual sound effect. This individual sound effect is excellent and players commented that this is a big highlight of the Xtra Hot video slot that they really enjoyed. The surveys that were presented to players all had very positive responses from players in regards to both the visual and sound effects. Players thought that the effects delivered the theme masterfully well to players and created a great atmosphere.

The game play of the Xtra Hot video slot is the most important element for players and this has to be of the highest standard possible. The players that were asked in the survey all commented that the slots format and bonus rounds create a very fast paced and flowing game. The format of the Xtra Hot video slot is a five reel and five win line game where the player has a minimal amount of choice over the win lines. The bonuses in the Xtra Hot video slot are three very straight forward and easy to learn features that are in keeping with the fast paced feel. The comments of the various players showed that the three bonuses offer a great chance to win serious money in this excellent slot game. The players also commented that the three bonus rounds are very exciting and made their pulses race. The three bonus rounds include the scatter, substitute and the gamble feature. The scatter and the substitute bonus are both represented by the star symbol which makes the star the hottest symbol in the game. The overall conclusion of the Xtra Hot video slot is that a simple theme is presented through great visual and sound effects to create an electric playing experience.